Isaac Emmerson

Male 1848 - 1922  (74 years)


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George and Isaac Emerson, labourers, Fornham, were charged with assaulting Ambrose Nunn. [30 Aug 1870]

AUGUST 30, 1870.

ASSAULT. - George and Isaac Emerson, labourers, Fornham, were charged with assaulting Ambrose Nunn. - George Emerson pleaded guilty. - Complainant said: On Saturday night or early on Sunday morning I was going home to Fornham, where I live, with the two defendants. I had met them at the Bushel. George Emerson was walking with me, but Isaac walked on in front with some others. Without a word George Emerson struck me with his fist, and Isaac then came across the road and began kicking me. Isaac said, "We have got you, you b---- now, have you got any money." I said, "No, not much." I got up and as soon as I was up George knocked me down again, and Isaac dragged me along by the collar. I asked them to let me sit down; they did so, and went on, and I returned back to Bury, and saw p.-c. Marsh. I told him what had taken place. - P.-c. George Marsh said he met the complainant early on Sunday morning. His face was covered with blood, and he looked as if he had been struck. He told him he had been insulted by the two defendants, that he dare not go home, and witness got him lodgings. He was sober. - The defendant George, a boy of 16, in defence said that the complainant before he assulted him, made an improper proposal to him. He pulled him about and unfastened his clothes. This was not the first time complainant had made a proposal of this kind to him. - The other defendant also made a similar charge against the complainant. - Complainant denied this, saying that the defendants always had a spite against him, and that was the reason why they made this defence. - Isaac Emerson said he had no share in the assault. he only stood by and looked on. - Complainant said he lost his money at the same time, 7s. 6d. - Another man named Palfrey stepped forward and said he could prove that the complainant had done the same thing with eight or ten other people in Fornham. - Isaac Emerson said it was not the first time by one or two that the complainant had done this with him. - Mr. Thompson said he ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself. - Defendant: No, not at all. - The Mayor convicted the defendants, and said the defence was such that the Magistrates felt perfectly justified in giving them the very full extent of punishment that the law allowed, viz, two months, hard labour.

PlaceFornham All Saints, Suffolk, England
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